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We don't have sponsors or YouTube videos with millions of hits. And our faces are not plastered on the covers of bike mags. But what we do have is all we’ll ever need: a bike, passion and a place to rip.

We are originals. With a style all our own, and now it's our turn to put our thumbprints and tire tracks all over the sport. Because riding is all about style. And Zee components are all about helping you find yours. Built of the same advanced materials & reliability Shimano has long been know for, Zee is available at a price that even guys with a part-time job can bankroll.


The thick-wall aluminum construction and reinforced steel axle create added stiffness in the Zee two-piece cranks.
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Break & Break Lever

The new Zee hydraulic disc brake system includes shorty style levers and a powerfull 4-piston brake caliper just like its big brother "Saint". Brakes will come outfitted with proven Ice Technologies brake pads that help keep your brakes running cool in even the most extreme downhill conditions.
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Break Rotor

Dependable and lightweight 2-piece rotors.
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Shift Levers

The M640 shifter features crisp, consistent shifts and 2-way release. The shift levers ergonomics make for an extremly comfortable, intuitive arrangement assuring no missed shifts.
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Rear Derailleur

The 10 speed Zee RD-M640 features Shadow Plus technology that significantly reduces chain noise and offers a more stable drivetrain.
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Cassette and Chain

The M620 Zee group was specifically designed around the 10 speed platform which means Zee users can take advantage of the large selection of mountain and road cassettes.
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The Zee hubs include quality sealing, adjustable cup and cone bearings with a new locknut assembly, and quick engagement.
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You don’t know our names yet, but you will. We are the next generation, the hungry up-and-comers. We’re coming strong, hard and faster than ever and when armed with the new Zee line we will Crush Every Line.